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Yahoo mail 

Yahoo Mail is also known as the Ymail that is an e-mail service by which we send the different type of information that is a different type of picture and videos are sent to different people this type of email service is launched in the 1997 through American company Yahoo. 

This provides four different type of plans that is usable for the different personalities and some Business use that is launched in 2011. 



Features of  Yahoo-  There is a different type of services that are configured as like-free, plus, business and free add these are the particular features of the Yahoo. By which we share or send the different type of the message that is very useful for the works. 

It is very useful the different type of business and we provide different type wonderful and better service. 

Free version- The e-mail storage capacity is very powerful that is 1 TB. 

-Here We attach the different large files and the attached limit is 25 MB. 

-The account expiry or the account cannot be retrieved the time limit is the 12 months. 

-here different type of protocol is supported as like-  POP3 in Asia or pops or SMTP and mail forwarding in some other countries. 

-It provides the different virus protection. 

Ad Free Version or plus- In 2002, Yahoo launched another service that is paid service that is Yahoo Mail Plus and Yahoo mail plus is provide another additional feature. 

-The capacity of e-mail storage is 25 MB. 

-The size limit of the message is 10MB. 

-Here we can access and forward by the POP. 

-Here the message sending ability using yahoo mail using other email domain. 

-Here we block the up to 200 address and we can add 50 filters. 

Features of Business version- It is the combination of the different type of email services. It includes the 10 distinct accounts that is the same as the Yahoo plus and have a personalized domain name and the same email address and can go to Yahoo help

-here the capacity of storage is unlimited. 

-The email account limit is the 10. 

POP3  The Yahoo offers POP access to Yahoo mail as the free features and it applies to Canadian Yahoo mail with the these type extensions are used by only Canadian people. 

Messenger- It is launched in 2007 that is works on the integrating Yahoo Messenger and that is IM client into the Yahoo web-based Architecture and contact

Updates- The update is the new features is implemented and including the drop box menus in DHTML and different category of tables. When the launch of the Yahoo Mail Plus is the part of the premium offer services that is delivered to customers the reliable and relevant service to our customer. You can reach to yahoo help center

The Mobile Application-   The mobile Application is we download from the App store for IOS and Google play store for the Android. Both apps are performing same works and functions. The opening notification that is available in several languages as like- Hindi, Tamil, Gujarati, Telugu etc.